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  • Calum

    Calum was born in the city of Ironhaven on the 13th of Venhal, 113 AGC. His parents found his birth to be auspicious, being born on the 13th day of the 13th month of the 113 year, and promised him as a supplicant to The Order of the Raven.

  • Bori son of Bain

    Born in the craggy hills northwest of Ironhaven, Bori son of Bain son of Balin of the line of Thror is a member of the Order of the Raven and mentor to the novice Calum. Bori is an amiable dwarf with a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience under …

  • Baeric

    Apprenticed to a Thief-Taker from Azamere, Baeric and his master ran afoul of an influential priest of the Church of the Founder, resulting in his master's death and sending Baeric into hiding in Ironhaven. He has been avoiding bounty hunters and …

  • Rezmir Sammar

    The youngest scion of exiled House Sammar, Rezmir has struggled to find his place in the world of Ironhaven society. With his elder brother Istil leading the remnants of their once prosperous house, Rezmir feels adrift, without direction, and has taken to …

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