Bori son of Bain

A dwarf ranger and Knight of the Order of the Raven.


Dwarf Male,
5th level Ranger
Neutral Good
STR 14 DEX 14 CON 16
INT 10 WIS 13 CHR 10

Languages: Dwarven, Common, Aklo, Goblin


Born in the craggy hills northwest of Ironhaven, Bori son of Bain son of Balin of the line of Thror is a member of the Order of the Raven and mentor to the novice Calum.
Bori is an amiable dwarf with a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience under his belt. Born 88 years ago, Bori followed in his grandfather Balin’s footsteps, joining the Order of the Raven not ten years after leaving his home. The Order appealed to him in so many ways, it’s mission to protect the common folk, it’s desire to conserve nature and learning, and it’s mentoring and acceptance of all who follow its rules.
Recently, Bori has taken his new apprentice to a small town on the Great East Road to pick up supplies and, perhaps, test the lads mettle.

Bori son of Bain

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